Friday, June 26, 2009

This is why we should buy pets from pet stores!

Pet Stores and Puppy Mills
I Bought a Puppy and He Got Sick. What Can I Do?
If you buy a puppy from a pet shop, you run a high risk of taking home a sick animal. Respiratory infections including pneumonia, as well as hereditary defects like hip dysplasia and severe allergies, are common among the indiscriminately bred puppies from commercial breeders. If you have purchased a pet-store puppy who turned out to be sick, you have may have some recourse—17 states have enacted laws, commonly called “Lemon Laws (pdf),” that make pet stores financially responsible for sick animals purchased from them.
Are All Puppies Sold In Pet Stores From Puppy Mills?
It’s estimated that 99 percent of puppies sold by pet stores come from puppy mills. “No reputable breeder would ever sell their puppies at a pet store. In fact, most breed clubs have a code of ethics prohibiting breeders from selling dogs to pet stores,” says Baker. “Furthermore, reputable breeders care about their puppies, and they would never stick them in a cage. They screen all potential buyers to make sure the puppy goes to a good home.”
What Happens to Puppies Who Do Not Get Sold at Pet Stores or Become Too Old to Sell?
Pet stores are incredibly skilled at making consumers feel so sorry for the puppies in the tiny cages that they usually sell. If a puppy is not selling fast enough, pet shops simply continue to slash the price.
Should I Patronize Pet Stores that Sell Puppies?
How many people can resist the allure of a cute little puppy? The puppies are not only a commodity for the pet stores to profit off, but they are also exploited as a marketing tool to entice the consumer to buy pet supplies.
“Once a pet shop sells you that puppy, they know that they have a captive customer who now must purchase supplies for the new puppy,” says Baker. “So besides making a huge profit on the puppy itself, which is substantial, they also profit from the sale of supplies that go with the puppy.”
This is why it is important never to buy your pet supplies in a pet store that sells puppies. These stores will only cease selling puppy mill puppies when it becomes unprofitable for them to do so. Consumers need to send a strong message that they will not patronize stores that sell puppies.
Why Is it Bad to Buy a Puppy at a Pet Store. Isn’t It Rescuing a Puppy Mill Dog?
By buying a pet shop puppy, you are perpetuating and supporting a cruel industry. In fact, you—the consumer—not only run the risk of taking home a sick puppy, but are sentencing a mother dog to a life of misery. As long as there is a demand for their “product,” puppy mills will continue to churn out puppies.

Please read more about the pit falls of Pupply Mills and the Laws to prevent them.

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